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Mung Daal Bori

Mung Daal Bori

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This dish takes inspiration from the simple knachkola diye bori’r jhol and is an absolute Bengalee traditional favourite, celebrating minimal ingredients. Our mung daal bori adds its characteristic nutty crunch to the braised-to-softness knachkola (plantain).


about our bori

A common ingredient in Bengalee pantries, bori, made from a variety of daals (pulses), is a versatile addition to any dish. Their making involves a traditional technique of beating the wet-ground pulses to a specific consistency, shaping and dropping them to be sun-dried. Once dried completely, these are ready to be fried or stored for later use.

flavour toasted
aroma slightly sour
appearance Mung daal boris are small, conical and yellowish in colour


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar

what you can cook with it

You can add fried and lightly crushed boris to any savoury dish. Traditionally, Bengalee cuisine uses them as a last minute addition to mostly soft-textured vegetable dishes or sometimes in a plain and light fish broth.

origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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