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Ginger Powder from North Bengal

Ginger Powder from North Bengal

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This edible candle was our inspiration for Diwali. The take on the popular barfi uses nuts and ginger powder, the latter forming a sweet background flavour highlighting the nuttiness of the sweet.



The root of the word ginger, supposedly, can be traced back to Sanskrit, meaning, “horn root”. This ancient spice has been an integral part of many cuisines around the world and finds usage in folk and indigenous medicines as well. At present, it forms a woody and citrusy backdrop to any sweet as well as savoury dish.


flavour floral, citrusy
aroma sharp, sweet
appearance the dried ginger powder appears as pale brownish yellow


store them zip-locked in the pack after opening the seal

what you can cook with it

The dried ginger powder is mellower than fresh ginger in the pungency but more intense in its sweet/aromatic/floral components. Use them as you like in special blends, sweets and cakes and even in some masala chai.

botanical name Zingiber officinale
origin Darjeeling, West Bengal
processing dried, powdered


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