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Whole Black Gram

Whole Black Gram

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This is our take on kaali daal and roti, with the latter made from the fermented mixture of potato peels and milk, a technique inspired from the pathare prabhu community.



Whole black gram or more popularly known as kaali daal is as protein packed as it is striking to look at. Native to the subcontinent, this is one of the old-world favourites that is much loved for its thick consistency in a daal and distinctly herbaceous-nutty flavour.


flavour nutty
aroma green, herbaceous


the uncooked grains are ovular with black husks that turn paler when cooked


store them in clean and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight

what you can cook with it

Whole black gram is known for its versatility and a favourite for any rich, bold daal recipe. The popular dishes include maa ki daal and daal makhani, with variations including a combination of pulses that can be used along with this one. You can also choose to use it boiled in a vegetarian salad with greens and a bright dressing.


botanical name Vigna mungo
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
processing washed and sun-dried


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