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amar khamar table - winter edition

amar khamar table - winter edition

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Our Winter Edition for the amar khamar table is inspired from super-seasonal ingredients, that celebrate the beautiful winter in this part of the world, sourced locally from suppliers whom we know. 

The vegetables, poultry, crab, eggs and dairy products come directly to us from known sources about whom you would get to know at the table. We wanted to showcase the beautiful ingredients of West Bengal that are available this time of the year through a simple menu focussed on mindful consumption. 


bitter greens
duck egg . chinekamini . cholar daal
mud crab . puin mituli 
kaon . winter vegetables
duck . chaaler ruti . roselle  
nolen gur . chhana

amar khamar studio. 94H Kankulia Road. Kolkata 700029

7:00pm to 9:00pm (dinner) or 12:00pm to 2:00 pm (lunch)


Private Table

We are pleased to offer you more flexibility with our private table dates for groups of 4 to 6 tables for lunch or dinner. 
To book your table, please give us a call: +91 93307 42283 (customer care number)

What is amar khamar table

amar khamar table grew out of the intention to offer a menu which is diversely seasonal, deliberately focussed on ingredients and designed to minimize wastage.

Being seasonal has been the backbone of menu planning at amar khamar; helping us drive the focus on ingredients, which we try to source from local sources/suppliers/farmers who share the same values as us.

Being ingredient-focussed also allows us to respect every ingredient for what it is, enabling us to minimize wastage. We try to reduce trimmings and discards, using them in ferments and pickling, or dehydrating them, making super rich broths or flavourings out of them, and generally having fun with them: a creative process which we immensely enjoy as well.

The cultural aspect of consumption is also crucial for us; that requires us to get involved with the community or geographical location at that specific point in time.
amar khamar table is not just about farm-to-table eating or an educational culinary experience on sustainability and responsible consumption, it is about being rooted in honesty and transparency with ingredients.


*food contains common allergens including gluten, eggs, tree nuts, molluscs, milk, honey

#there can be some small changes in the menu depending on the availability of the ingredients

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