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Aparajita Flower

Aparajita Flower

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This nasi kerabu inspired dish features the Asian pigeon wings or Aparajita. Our tulaipanji meets the beautiful blue flower to create a visually stunning plate.


about the spice

Native to the tropical Asian countries and originally from the Ternate islands in Indonesia, butterfly pea is an important part of religious as well as culinary culture of the local people. The plant belongs to the same family as legumes and is striking for its blue flowers. The young flowers are mildly sweet and the dried ones are used to add the distinct blue colour to any dish.


flavour herbaceous
aroma mildly floral
appearance our dried butterfly pea flowers appear bluish with the green stalks intact


keep them air-tight and away from moisture

what you can cook with it

You can use butterfly pea to add a vibrant blue hue to any dish. Add them to jellies or edible gels, ice cream or while cooking rice. Or simply brew some tea with it and add a dash of lemon or citric acid to watch magic unfold.

botanical name Clitoria ternatea
origin West Bengal
processing fully bloomed flowers are picked and sun-dried


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