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The go-to ingredient for any kind of Indian snacks is delightfully versatile. Generally known as chickpea flour finds use in a variety of dishes including sweets and savouries. Here, we went full Bangalee with phuluri.



Made generally from bolder, meatier lentils, besan is simply ground pulse. Our Besan is made from chana/cchola’r daal (split bengal gram); sourced locally from our farmers in West Bengal.

flavour nutty 
aroma slightly sulphurous


The powdered daal is yellowish and fine textured.

storage store it in an air-tight jar, preferably in a dark, cool, moisture-free environment


West Bengal, India

what you can cook with

Besan can be used in almost everything that regular flour is used for. From crepes and steamed cakes to batters and sweets, besan is a great gluten-free, plant-protein source. 

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