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Black Cardamom

Black Cardamom

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This spice mix ranks high in our smoky favourites. The highlight is of course the black cardamom that lends its bold earthiness and smokiness to this special blend. Rub it on some brisket or fish or a good-ol' chicken drumstick for a smoky punch.

about the spice

Native to the Eastern Himalayan region, black cardamom is noted for its distinctive smokiness. This is because the spice is always smoked in a traditional Bhatti before being sold in markets. In Bengal, the spice is mostly used in sweets and features in special garam masala mixes. It also lends Indian nankhatai its characteristic flavour.


flavour woody, earthy
aroma smoky, ginger-y floral
appearance whole black cardamom appears dry and crinkly with the outer pod nestling the seeds inside.


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture; and pound them, if needed, only at the last minute before using

what you can cook with it

Black cardamom is a must-have if you want to infuse smokiness in your dishes. The pod packs the most aroma, so smack it and use it along with the seeds. It lends meat and vegetables a warming note and lifts up the flavour of dark chocolate.

botanical name Amomum subulatum
origin Darjeeling, West Bengal
processing winnowed, dried and cured in open fire


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