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Hand-Pounded Gobindobhog

Hand-Pounded Gobindobhog

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For hand-pounded Gobindobhog we adapted a recipe of Purnima Thakur from her book, Thakur Bari’r Ranna. The dish features the rice scorched in ghee with young jackfruit, sprinkled with bhaja moshla and topped with dressed slices of raw mango. The jhol is of burnt chili and mango, split with dill oil, which does not feature in the original recipe but we wanted to include it because of its piney flavour match with mango.  



Probably the best known aromatic rice variety from Bengal, Gobindobhog has been treated carefully and with love for our hand-pounded version. The short grained rice is suitable for precious occasions and is a must in your pantry because of its versatility and flavour.


flavour butter popcorn



the uncooked rice is short and yellowish white with specks of bran


store this rice in air-tight containers with lids in a cool place away from moisture


absorption method
time 10 - 15 minutes


what you can cook with it

Use it for almost anything that you would use regular Gobindobhog for. Traditionally, the rice is suited for special occasions, bhog and for inviting people over. The generous flavour pairs well with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Sundarbans, West Bengal
processing atap (raw), hand-pounded


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