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mallifulo rice organic natural desi indigenous nativ bengal amar khamar


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The slender, white, slightly sticky variety can be a great stand-in for Thai jasmine rice. We like it with a simple broth as here: chicken wings and thankuni pata (Asiatic pennywort).

about the rice

Mallifulo is a variety that produces slightly glutinous rice. The gentle aroma and flavour makes it good as a table rice without overpowering.


taste nutty, caramel



polished Mallifulo appears slender and speckled white in colour


absorption method
time 12-15 minutes

store it in an air-tight jar to retain the aroma in cool, dry, dark place

what you can cook with

Mallifulo’s glutinous quality makes it perfect for soupy sides. It goes well with lightly flavoured vegetable, herbs or chicken broths.



botanical name Oryza sativa

Jhargram, West Bengal

processing atap (non-parboiled)


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