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Matar Daal Bori

Matar Daal Bori

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A simple Pabda maach'er tel jhol takes on a completely different avatar when some fried matar daal boris are added. The bori lends beautiful crunch to the delicate Pabda maach cooked in the lightly spiced nigella-infused dressing.

about our bori

Boris are traditionally hand-made involving a somewhat labour intensive process that demands skill and experience. Matar Daal boris are made from the paste of split yellow peas, shaped by hand and sun-dried, before being fried and served.


flavour toasted
aroma sour
appearance Matar Daal boris are pale yellow in colour with a conical shape


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar

what you can cook with it

Simply fry a handful of them in some hot oil for a couple of seconds and turn them out as soon as they start to turn brown. Crush them up lightly and add to any dish: vegetable stir-fry, mashed root vegetables, light fish broths.

origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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