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Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder

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This takes inspiration from matcha cakes and uses dried moringa in place of matcha for an herbaceous-earthy flavour. The toasty rice flour melds delightfully with the green moringa creating in contrast in flavour and colour.



Variously known as sojina, drumstick, mlonge or saijhan, moringa is tropical plant noted for its hugely popular medicinal and folk remedial qualities. The various parts of plant are edible and frequently used in regional dishes across India. Additionally, the seeds of the plant are known for their water quality improvement quality and in aquaculture. Here, we have the leaves, which have been hand-plucked in season, sun-dried and ground.


flavour earthy
aroma herbaceous
appearance dull green powder


store the powder in an air-tight jar away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Moringa powder can be substituted in or added to any dish. Sprinkle them in soups, broths, daal, morning shakes, smoothies or add it to flour mixes. Its flavour is relatively versatile and complements any ingredient. However, remember that less is more.

botanical name Moringa oleifera
origin West Bengal
processing tender leaves are hand-picked, washed and sun-dried


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