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Seerega Samba

Seerega Samba

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This dish uses Seeraga Samba in a lightly fermented coconut-curd, paired with gondhoraj cured Mahi-Mahi with pickled long pepper and fried curry leaves. The delicate fragrance of the rice does not overpower the meatiness of the sweet fish. This well known gem of a rice variety is one of our prized imports from Tamil Nadu this season.

about the rice

Native to Tamil Nadu, Seeraga Samba is one of the main traditional aromatic rice varieties of the region. It derives its name from its small, slightly ovular shape, resembling Jeera or Seeragam (Cumin Seeds). Samba denotes the season of the rice variety during which it is cultivated (generally from August to January).


flavour toasted corn




the uncooked grains are small, ovular and dull-whitish in colour


store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture


absorption method

time 8 - 10

what you can cook with it

Seeraga Samba is traditionally used in biryani in Tamil Nadu. You can take inspiration from there and use it in any dish that celebrates this subtly aromatic rice. 

botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Tamil Nadu
processing atap (raw)


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