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Shiuli flower

Shiuli flower

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We pickled some eggs in a shiuli phool brine. The result was gently sweet, pine-y flavoured eggs with a brilliant yellow hue.



Shiuli phool, Parijat or night-flowering jasmine has been an important cultural marker in regional India. In parts of Eastern India, it has been a crucial part of understated culinary genius. The slightly astringent, soft aromatic fresh flower is used in vegetable stir-fries or in flavouring rice. The leaves are also eaten, either deep-fried in batter or crushed for its juice. The antioxidant rich plant has been a part of folk remedies as well.


flavour herbaceous
aroma piney, floral
appearance dried shiuli appears as wrinkled, brown with the orangeish stalk


store them in air-tight containers, away from moisture

what you can cook with it

Traditionally, dried shiuli flower is used to impart a lovely golden-yellow colour to cooked food. You can add them in vegetable stir-fries, brew them in a herbal spiced-tea or use them in a pickle brine for an unusually floral-delicious flavour profile.

botanical name Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
origin West Bengal
processing fully bloomed flowers are picked and sun-dried


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