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Silam / Bhangjeera

Silam / Bhangjeera

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This Nepalese silam ko acar inspired chutney is wonderfully piquant and nutty, which uses the subtly earthy silam (or bhangjeera as it is popularly known as).



Silam or bhangjeera is one of the lesser-known Himalayan ingredients; the plant belonging to the mint family. These have a high oil content and are generously used across the mountainous areas of India. The nutty flavour pairs well in spicy chutneys and aromatic salts. Silam leaves also find immense culinary usage across the globe.


flavour toasted, earthy
aroma nutty, woody
appearance seeds are small and round in shape in varying colours of grey-white to brown-black


store the seeds in air-tight jars and away from direct heat and moisture

what you can cook with it

Silam/bhangjeera/thoiding, call it by any name, is a superstar condiment spice. You can put its nutty-toasted flavour to good use in wholesome dips, chutneys, dry rubs, dry chutneys or simply in some salt. Just toast and grind them coarse before using.

botanical name Perilla frutscens
origin Kalimpong, West Bengal
processing the seeds are hand-harvested and sun-dried


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