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Sona Mung Daal

Sona Mung Daal

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We have tweaked a traditional Sai Bhaji to highlight our chola daal. With vegetables and a flavourful spinach oil, this can be your new favourite pulse recipe.


about the pulse

Sona Mung Daal is a popular Bengali staple, widely used in traditional dishes including but not limited to Maach’er matha diye mung daal and Bhog’er khichuri. It is a bolder, more aromatic variety of the split yellow mung beans that is quite well known across the world.


flavour deeply nutty, toasty
aroma maillard, caramel


the pulse grains are brownish yellow in colour and slightly elliptical in shape
storage store the uncooked Sona Mung Daal in non-reactive jars in airtight jars and away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Depending on the recipe, you can cook Sona Mung Daal by lightly brown toasting them before boiling it or plain cooking it with salt. If plain boiling it, have it with a light tempering of mustard seeds. However, we like ours dry roasted first that goes well with deeper, richer flavours, like browned fish head, or meat or in this case charred leaves and stalks.


botanical name Vigna radiata
origin Birbhum, West Bengal
processing Washed, dried and outer-coat removed


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