• I. Good food changes the world

    We believe that the way we cultivate, process, buy, and cook our food can change the world for better. Every time you decide to buy food that has been produced in a sustainable way, you make the world a better place.

  • II. Food is everything we are

    We want to inspire you to cook delicious and healthy food at home and eat it with your family, friends, and maybe even strangers or enemies, because good food is the essence of life.

  • III. The good earth is rich

    Nature provides us with the best resources. That is why the farmers working with us follow nature-friendly farming methods and use traditional, non-genetically modified seeds. They do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Their efforts helps to preserve mother nature for future generations.

  • IV. Nature is diverse

    We curate for you a handpicked range of indigenous rice varieties, delicious pulses, flavourful spices, different types of honey, and more. Eat diverse and preserve nature's wealth.

  • V. We are all humans

    amar khamar is a bridge between you and the farmers. Most farmers working with amar khamar are women who cultivate on a small piece of land for their family and you. amar khamar empowers them. We provide you the best products and a fair price to the farmers so that everybody thrives. Together we can make a difference.