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Pork Belly Fried Rice

Recipe Soak 500 grams of Tulaipanji Sheddho rice and drain the water out after 10 minutes Semi cook the ric...

Malva Pudding by Subhasree Basu from Hungry Cat Kitchen

This recipe is especially for those in-betweeners who are not huge on desserts but appreciate the rich dark notes of ...

amar khamar
94H Kankulia Road, Ballygunge (near Gol Park)
Kolkata-700019. West Bengal, India

+919330742283 / +917980433014

Regd. Office:
Amar Khamar Agro Foundation, 317 North Purbachal Kalitala Main Road, Kolkata-78, WB, India
FSSAI Registration No: 22819040000480

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