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Kolai Daal - Chalkumro Bori (chhoto)

Kolai Daal - Chalkumro Bori (chhoto)

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We have reinterpreted the common knachkola, pnepe aar bori’r jhol with our chal kumro bori. The different elements of the dish are reminiscent of the familiar taste and memory of a humble meal.


about our bori

Boris are traditionally hand-made involving a somewhat labour intensive process that demands skill and experience. These ones are made with chalkumro (ash gourd) mixed into the kolai daal batter to have a somewhat of a dried vegetable lentil dumpling. 


flavour toasted
aroma slightly sour

chalkumro bori have quite an uneven surface and a dull white colour


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar


what you can cook with it

Bori is quite versatile and can be added to most savoury dishes. They just need to be lightly fried before being softly crushed to be sprinkled on top of dishes. They are quite delectable simply fried and can be had just like that.


origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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