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Choiti Mung Daal

Choiti Mung Daal

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about the pulse

Choiti mung daal is harvested at the start of Choitro (mid-March to mid-April) which is why the name. Grown this way, the daal offers an excellent way to grow two different varieties of mung daal, which are characteristically different, to the farmers.


flavour nutty
aroma maillard


Choiti mung daal appears as oval, brownish yellow grains

store them in a dry place in air-tight containers

what you can cook with it

Lightly toasting the uncooked grains before cooking them brings out the deeper, bolder flavours of Choiti mung. You can make a simple daal with just cumin and grated ginger or throw in veggies to make it a great side dish.


botanical name Vigna radiata
origin West Bengal
processing outer skin is removed after washing and drying


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