At amar khamar, we believe that the way we choose to cultivate, process and consume our food can change the world for the better. We recognize that consumers have a great role and strong influence in shaping the course that our society and nature will take in the future. amar khamar promotes the culture of biodiverse, seasonal, home-cooked and conscious consumption of food as a way of life. The intrinsic plurality of the idea complements our practice of sourcing the food ingredients from a large number of very dedicated and talented small, medium cultivators; thereby creating a bridge between the rural agricultural production and urban consumption. This relationship is essentially based on the quality and exclusivity of our products that in turn represent the excellence of regional, natural and diverse farming practices and culinary cultures. ‘Hand-made’ is a signature of our work that promotes local level value addition focusing on the uniqueness of the geography and human capital. 

amar khamar presents a diverse and unique bouquet of over 100 regional, natural and value-added food products to the growing number of conscious customers. Exploration into the culinary art and culture are also very important to amar khamar, as these are indispensable for selecting and presenting new products which would be appropriate for the contemporary food pallets. amar khamar is a social enterprise, it has a larger vision of contributing to the preservation of culinary cultures, biodiversity and natural farming by shaping food consumption through its offer of ingredients, inspirational culinary art and enthusiasm for engaging in dialogues about sustainable consumption.