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These beautiful chewy goodies are your best bet to savour the flavour of mango all year. We have got three varieties of Aamsotto from different mangoes: Gopalbhog, Himsagar and Amrapali from last year’s produce, perfect as is or to be added to any dish.



Aamsotto utilises the same wisdom of stretching a seasonal produce to last year round. Traditionally made with sugar to increase the shelf-life, our aamsotto, however, does not contain any added sugar to retain the actual flavour of the fruit, at the same time making it usable for any kind of dishes. The process of preparing it involves picking mature mangoes, boiling, straining the pulp and sun-drying on thala on layers, a highly skilled and labour intensive process.


flavour candy
aroma fruity
appearance aamsotto appears as brownish-yellow depending on the amount of time it was under the sun, with a leather-like texture

store the aamsotto in the glass jar, carefully securing the lid and in a dry place


what you can do with it

You can simply munch on them as you want. They are a great option for a light snack with zero-added preservatives and processed sugar. You can also use them as flavouring for your daal, or curries and even some fun rice dishes. 


origin Malda, West Bengal
processing sun-dried


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