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Bhaja Kolai Daal

Bhaja Kolai Daal

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Processed from the whole black gram and popularly known as dhuli urad daal, this one forms a staple across the Bengal region. Carefully roasted to perfection, this traditional delicacy embodies the essence of Bengali cuisine. Packed with protein and nutrients, it offers a wholesome addition to your meals. 


flavour nutty
aroma toasted


bhaja kolai daal appears as small, ovular and pale yellow in colour with some of the black husk attached


store the uncooked grains in a dry and airtight jar, away from moisture and direct heat

what you can cook with it

Enjoy it as a crunchy snack by lightly roasting it a bit more, or sprinkle it over salads and soups for added texture and flavour. You can incorporate it into traditional dishes like daal as a side for your lunch as well. Versatile and delicious, our roasted urad daal is a must-have in any kitchen, adding depth and character to your favourite recipes with every bite.


botanical name Vigna mungo
origin West Bengal


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