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Black Cumin

Black Cumin

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This compound butter, inspired from the traditional kalojire bhorta acts as a great spread for your bread as well as for finishing a vegetable soup. The bitter, warm, spicy nigella is the main star complementing the fattiness of the butter.

about the spice

Famously found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt, nigella or black cumin is a regular feature in Bengali cooking. The seeds find mention in various ethno-botany recipes across cultures, making it one of the oldest known, used and traded spices.


flavour woody, peppery, pungent
aroma herbaceous, slightly citrusy
appearance the small seeds are tear-drop in shape and black when dried, as sold in the markets


whole seeds stay good for a long time; store them in small jars away from direct sunlight

what you can cook with it

Traditionally used in Bengali cuisine as a tempering to perk up simple dishes, nigella or black cumin can be used to pepper anything, from fish to vegetables. It goes well in egg salads as well as in cheeses and dips.  

botanical name Nigella sativa
origin West Bengal
processing the seed capsules are dried and gently crushed to release the seeds
medicinal value helpful against common cold, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory


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