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Black Cumin Honey

Black Cumin Honey

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We dialed up the oomph for this roasted radish with our black cumin honey dressing. The bitter pungency of radish is complemented with the darker spicy notes from this natural honey extracted from black cumin blossoms.


about the honey

Black cumin honey is one of our darker, bolder varieties of honey. Extracted from black cumin blossoms, this honey has that familiar black cumin-peppery-pungent notes. We do not infuse it with black cumin flavour, and let the bees do their wonders.


flavour spicy, pungent
aroma caramel, floral
appearance black cumin honey is naturally dark brown-black in colour and viscous in texture


store the opened jar in a dark, moist-free place away from direct sunlight. If the temperature drops a bit, the honey might crystallize, which is normal; gentle heat will bring it back to a more liquidy consistency

what you can cook with it

Use it in your morning cup of tea to add a naturally spicier note or drizzle some oven roasted vegetables as a side like we did.

origin West Bengal
medicinal value natural source of raw sugar, antioxidant, lower glycemic index than processed sugar


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