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Brown Mustard Seed from West Bengal

Brown Mustard Seed from West Bengal

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about the spice

This quintessential piquant Bengali mustard paste is perked up by brown mustard along with yellow mustard seeds. The brown variety adds more pungency than its yellow counterpart and pairs perfectly as a wet fish rub. Occasionally confused with black mustard, brown mustard is pungent, hot and peppery and native to India. The whole mustard seeds are devoid of any distinct flavour and aroma; it is only when they are heated or pounded that the true flavours are released.


flavour pungent, earthy
aroma herbal, peppery


the seeds are brown in colour and appears as little round orbs


store them whole in air-tight jars away from moisture and sunlight

what you can cook with

Traditionally in Bengali cuisine it is used along with yellow mustard in paste, as whole in tempering lentils or stews and broths. Soak brown and yellow mustard seeds in hot water for a good couple of minutes before grinding to a paste for your fish.


botanical name Brassica juncea
origin Nadia, West Bengal
processing dried and threshed
medicinal value

anti-bacterial, diuretic, antifungal


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