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Carom Seeds - Ajwain from Gujarat

Carom Seeds - Ajwain from Gujarat

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Ajwain is a small annual plant in the parsley family, and is closely related to caraway and cumin. For centuries, regions of India practising Ayurvedic medicine have been making a cure-all tonic “omam water” from ajwain seeds. Although the plant is now mainly cultivated for its potent essential oil, ajwain is one of the defining spices of the vegetarian cuisine of the west Indian state of Gujarat.


aroma peppery, balsamic

thyme, woody

storage store it in a closed container and away from direct sunlight and moisture
appearance oval seeds are greyish- green and resemble those of caraway


how to use

The flavour of ajwain has been described as a mixture of anise, oregano, and black pepper. Its bitterness can be reduced by toasting or frying it. Ajwain is highly aromatic and pungent, so use it cautiously.


scientific name Trachyspermum ammi
origin Gujarat


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