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Chine Kamini

Chine Kamini

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The short-grained Chine Kamini is our rice of choice in our interpretation of muri ghonto. The rice has been cooked in a burnt onion fish head broth and finished with some zest of gondhoraj and pickled green tomato. 

about the rice

Chine Kamini has been quite a favourite aromatic rice variety in Bengal. The slightly toasted, nutty flavour lends an impressive touch to Bengali khichuri and Pulao. The rice is easy on the palate and cooks well without turning into a mush.



caramel, toasted




the uncooked grains are short, roundish and pearly-white in colour


absorption method
time 12-15 minutes

store it in an air-tight jar to retain the aroma in cool, dry, dark place


what you can cook with

Have a go at Chine Kamini, if you are having friends or family over at your place. It is particularly suitable for celebrations and special preparations including pilafs.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing atap (non-parboiled)


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