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Dried Red Chilli from Gujarat

Dried Red Chilli from Gujarat

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This slender, sun-dried chilli is widely used in India to add a bright, fiery flavour with smoky notes. Capsaicin is responsible for the heat pungency that can numb the mouth to more subtle flavours. The latter are best appreciated in milder and/or fresh chillies and are produced by plentiful fruity esters, and less common floral undecanol, grassy aldehydes, and citrusy limonene. Drying and smoking chillies creates new flavour compounds, notably earthy, toasty pyrazines and nutty, bread-like furfural.


flavour pungent, fiery
aroma fruity, roasted

slender and bright red in color


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Fry in oil and finely chop, or crushed and use as chilli flakes. Add to your sambals, chutneys and jams; and also to your chocolate.

botanical name Capsicum annuum
origin Gujarat

fully ripe, red fruits (berries) are plucked and dried


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