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The year-round, all-season Bengali table rice has been paired here with our version of shorshe maach, using all the parts of the mustard plant: young leaves and fronds, seeds, pickled flowers and young stalks and leaves in the sauce and a rui collar, one of the most flavourful and tender but under-utilised parts of the fish. 


about the rice

Dudhersar is probably the best known and most consumed table rice variety in Bengal. The easy availability and even easier cooking makes it a go-to lunch favourite.


taste slightly nutty-herbaceous



Dudhersar is medium grained and appears slender with a fine texture.


absorption method
time 10-15 minutes

store it in a dark place, so that it does not attract moisture, and away from direct sunlight


what you can cook with

Being the most used table rice in Bengal, it pairs well with almost anything. From vegetable stir fries to meaty broths, Dudhersar is forgiving and versatile. Our favourite is a mustard crusted Parshe Maach with quick-pickled onions. 



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Sundarbans, West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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