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Fennel from Gujarat

Fennel from Gujarat

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A hardy, herbaceous perennial in the carrot family, fennel grown for spice comes in two forms: wild bitter fennel and cultivated sweet fennel. Bitter fennel has a mildly bitter taste a little like celery seed. Anise-like sweet fennel is more widely available. This one from Gujarat is the sweet variety. 


flavor sweet, herby
aroma woody, piney
appearance the spindle shaped fruits are green to yellowish in color


store it in a closed container away from direct sunlight and moisture

how to use

Fennel enhances both sweet and savory foods with its mild aniseed character. The spice is most notable as a flavoring for Italian salami, and for its use in masala blends throughout South Asia, from Kashmir to Sri Lanka.

botanical name Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce
origin Gujarat


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