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Goyna Bori

Goyna Bori

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This light, airy crispiness is a mark of superior craftsmanship of the women of Bengal. The intricate designs remind one of the opulent jewellery patterns, hence the name: goyna bori. These are great by themselves, lightly fried in some fat or oil. 

about our goyna bori

Making goyna boris is a labourious process that marries technique and creativity. From grinding the dal to making the designs and packing, the boris enjoy a journey of love. Ours is made from kolai dal with posto or poppy seeds in the traditional way by the women of Bengal.


flavour slightly sour
aroma toasted
appearance goyna boris are intricately designed and brittle


store them in air-tight containers away from moisture

what you can cook with it

Goyna bori are best consumed just fried lightly and paired with simple meals. Next time you invite your loved ones for a simple lunch, serve them some fried goyna boris on the side.

origin East Midnapore, West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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