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Hand-Pounded Kanakchur

Hand-Pounded Kanakchur

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As with any traditional technique, hand pounding is a labour of love. Hand-pounding rice is clearly one of the age-old techniques to remove the outer husks, while retaining the flavour, micronutrients and some of the bran. Our hand-pounded Kanakchur is a revelation; it sets the ball rolling for a delicious meal, right when you open the packet. The deep caramel aroma intensifies as the rice cooks, giving you a sweet-tasting, nutty bowl of steamed rice.


flavour caramel, popcorn



uncooked grains are short, stubby and fine in texture


store this rice in air-tight containers with lids in a cool place away from moisture


absorption method or steaming 
time 10 - 15 minutes, 35 - 40 minutes


what you can cook with it

With rice this flavourful, you do not have to do much: just drizzle a couple of tablespoons of our ghee and you are all set. Pair it with fried vegetables or meat and fish to have a simple, wholesome meal.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Sundarbans, West Bengal
processing atap (raw), hand-pounded


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