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Karpurkanti is our absolute favourite when it comes to robust meat dishes. An inspired two-pepper buff fry here pairs stunningly with the aromatic Karpurkanti.


about the rice

Karpurkanti comes a close second in aroma after Kanakchur. The indigenous rice variety is known as a hardy aromatic crop, grown only by a few smallholder women farmers in the Sundarbans. The low-yielding variety is prized for its excellent aroma and great texture.

taste butter popcorn




the uncooked grains short and needle-like with a bright white hue


absorption method
time 8-12 minutes

store it in an air-tight jar to retain the aroma in cool, dry, dark place

what you can cook with

Pair Karpurkanti in a bengali-style fried rice or khichuri. Even though it is aromatic, Karpurkanti suits savoury dishes more than sweet ones, and when paired with meat, it is a show-stopper.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing atap (non-parboiled)


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