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Khejur Gur from Medinipur

Khejur Gur from Medinipur

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about the gur

Made from locally sourced date sap, our khejur gur (date jaggery) is not your regular liquid jhola gur. Our farmers and the local shiuli (the one who collects the sap) shared with us that traditional jhola gur is deliciously viscous with a consistency that is perfect for filling pithe as well as spreading over shoru chakli or haath ruti. Processed without any sugar, this one is thick with a mellow texture. And because it does not have any preservatives, we suggest that you consume it within 1 month.

flavour fruity
aroma caramel
processing tempered
origin Medinipur, West Bengal


How can you use it

Drizzle it over anything to add a hint of natural sweetness. Try it with rice pudding, pancakes, or make your own granola bars with it. 

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