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Khejur Gur from South 24-Parganas

Khejur Gur from South 24-Parganas

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We have kept it simple with our liquid khejur gur, the perfect dip for the warm, charred sora pitha. This is an example of how simple things in life can bring perfect moments of joy and warmth in cold, winter days.

about the gur

This gur is a special one. Made from the first sap collected from the date palm trees, it retains the slightly fruity notes with a hint of acidity. The sweetness comes in later and stays for quite some time. The process of making this one marks a delicate balance between brilliant craftsmanship, eternal respect for what nature has to offer and timing. 

We suggest you savour this slowly with some plain warm pitha, drizzled over some bread or in your morning cereals. Consume within 1 month of opening the jar.

flavour fruity
aroma sweet
processing tempered
origin South 24-Parganas, West Bengal


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