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Kodo Millet

Kodo Millet

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We made some simple breakfast pairing with Kodo, of eggs and chilli oil, to savour the colour of the beautiful grains and the brilliant hue of the yolk. The fluffiness of the grains and creaminess of the yolks is something that we thoroughly enjoyed about this one.


about the grain

The ancient grain is said to have been domesticated in India around 3000 years ago having originated in Africa. The sowing season in India is April-May while the harvesting season is August-September. Kodo in particular is noted for its drought-resistant qualities for which it can be cultivated in drier parts of the country. It also grows quite well in nutrient-deficient soil, making it one of the hardiest crops in the country.


flavour toasted
aroma sulphurous
cooking method absorption method

8-12 minutes


the uncooked grains are roundish and brown to red in colour
storage store it in a dark, moisture-free place

what you can cook with it

Since it has a similar texture as rice, it can be used in anything that requires grain. So, use them in khichdi or kheer for when you do not want to use rice. It pairs well with everyday dishes as well making it quite versatile.

botanical name

Paspalum scrobiculatum


Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh

processing washed and dried
medicinal value

gluten-free, high in fibre, antioxidant


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