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Kolai Daaler Chhoto Bori

Kolai Daaler Chhoto Bori

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These tiny versions of the more popular slightly bigger kolai daal bori are as delicious as they look. Made the traditional way, these would wow your guests at any dinner table.

about our bori

Bori (the loose translation: dried lentil dumplings does not do justice) is as traditional as it gets. Made from soaked, pounded, shaped, dropped and dried kolai daal, these are labours of love and of good leisure. The traditional boris are slightly bigger that these miniature ones, which are perfect for pairing with any dish. 


flavour nutty, toasted
aroma slightly sour

bori appears as round, dried dumplings


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar


what you can cook with it

These small ones should just be fried and served as a side. With just daal and steaming rice, these boris will uplift any meal because of their delicious crunch. Pro tip: these are also great for snacking as well.


origin Shantipur, Nadia
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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