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Kolai Daal (split, dehusked)

Kolai Daal (split, dehusked)

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This dish is an inspiration on the traditional Bengalee rosh bora, where in the sugar coating has been torched to have a “brûlée”-ed crack. The soft inside plays a wonderful contrast with the torched, brittle coating almost reminiscent of sugar sandwiches.



Processed from the whole black gram and popularly known as dhuli urad daal, this one forms a staple across the subcontinent. In a daal, it lends a mucilaginous consistency that can be polarising. However, in a batter for vadas, bondas, imartis and boras, the daal is a favourite because of how it transforms itself into a crumbly exterior and soft insides. 


flavour nutty
aroma herbaceous


split kolai daal or dhuli urad daal appears as small, ovular and pale yellow in colour with some of the black husk attached


store them in clean and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight

what you can cook with it

Kolai daal is a summer staple, generally believed to be cooling in the tropical summer heat. Use it in a Bengali style biulir daal or a Tamil style sambhar with vegetables. It is also used in tempering and in batters for deep frying. You can also boil and puree it to add to soups for a silky texture.


botanical name Vigna mungo
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
processing dehusked and somewhat split


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