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Kot Bel'er Aachar

Kot Bel'er Aachar

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Wood apple, native to India, is an intriguing fruit that is known for its micronutrients and funky smell. The seasonal kotbel is savoured extensively in chutneys and achars throughout the subcontinent. This aachar here has been prepared with an interesting blend of spices with the whole kotbel, with the seeds lending a delicate touch.


flavour funkey . tangy
aroma spicy . sour

brownish yellow paste with a smattering of the seeds


store the achar in the jar with the lid tightly closed in cool and dark place


how to use it

Use it as a condiment in the side of your favourite meal. The delicious spread-like consistency is also good substitute for your favourite morning spreads.

origin West Bengal
ingredients kot bel (wood-apple), cumin, black pepper, coriander, mustard oil, table salt,
panch phoron, dried red chilli, turmeric powder, tamarind, sugar, green cardamom, sea salt, cinnamon, bay leaf


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