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Mallifulo (brown rice)

Mallifulo (brown rice)

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For the classic pairing of rajma-chawal we have gone with brown Mallifulo, firstly because of the colour and secondly because of the flavour and aroma play.

about the rice

Brown Mallifulo is one of our sticky variants along with fine black rice. It is not as sticky as fine black rice and produces a finer, less chewy rice. Because it retains the bran, Mallifulo is a good source of micronutrients.


flavour nutty, caramel



brown Mallifulo is somewhat flat and slender in appearance with dirty-white to yellowish brown streaks


absorption method, steaming
time 18-25 minutes

store it in an air-tight jar to retain the aroma in cool, dry, dark place

what you can cook with

Brown Mallifulo goes well in anything that has a porridge-like consistency due to its stickiness. Try it out in a mixed grain khichuri or risotto.



botanical name Oryza sativa

Jhargram, West Bengal

processing atap (non-parboiled)


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