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Masala Bori

Masala Bori

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These ones are special! With a combination of spices, these boris can turn even the blandest of dishes into a flavour pool. Simply crush them after frying and savour how the magic unfolds!

about our bori

Made from the paste of Kolai daal and mixed with a spice combination, masala boris are simple accompaniments in times of scarcity and absolutely gorgeous to have. 

flavour toasted, spicy
aroma sour
appearance Masala boris are pale yellow in colour and shaped like flat, round buttons


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar

what you can cook with it

There can never be enough combinations to try with masala boris. Fry them and add away to anything you like. We specially recommend adding them to Bengalee style alu chokha and begun pora, though.

origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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