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Masoor Daal Bori

Masoor Daal Bori

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These tiny, dried lentil drops are packed with delicious crunch. Just fry them up, lightly crush them and add to your daily-everyday vegetable dishes or salad bowls like we did in our roasted pumpkin dish.

about our bori

Made from locally sourced masoor daal and without any colours, these boris retain much of the flavour of the red lentils. Hand-shaped and dried under the sun, these little dumplings can be clever additions to simple dishes.


flavour toasted
aroma sour
appearance bori appears as round, dried dumplings


Masoor daal boris are orangeish-red in colour and conical in shape with visible specks of nigella seeds

what you can cook with it

These are versatile and complements almost any vegetable dish, without imparting any overpowering characteristic flavour. We generally like them in simple vegetable stir-fries and light dishes fit for tropical summer.

origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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