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Masoor Daal

Masoor Daal

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Daal-bhaat’e ranks high in our fuss-free, comfort food list. The all season favourite is as easy as it gets to make and goes well with almost anything. We like ours spiked with some white mustard pickle.


about the lentil

Masoor/Musur is synonymous with Daal (lentils) in Bengal. High in protein, Masoor is prepared in multiple ways, with each household having at least two variations of preparing it. The grains cook easily and turn mushy that forms the base of the Daal.


flavour nutty, earthy
aroma toasty


masoor is available as small round grains, the colour ranging from yellowish orange to reddish orange
storage store it in an airtight container in places less likely to attract moisture


what you can cook with it

Masoor is the staple base for most of Indian-spiced Daals. You can throw in a handful of fried onions to mushed up boiled masoor or use it for a base for your next soup. It can also be used as an alternative to a mash.

botanical name Lens Culinaris
origin Birbhum, West Bengal
processing washed and dried
medicinal value

believed to reduce bad cholesterol; easy source of plant-based protein and fibre


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