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Matar Daal

Matar Daal

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This is our version of traditional teto’r daal (bitter lentils) in which we have featured our matar daal. The meatiness of matar daal rounds off the bitterness of bitter gourd.


about the pulse

Matar daal as used is made from green peas which have been peeled, dried and split. Traditionally used in split pea soups and in various Asian and African cuisines, matar daal is a staple Bengali pantry feature consumed as a side dish with plain rice.


flavour meaty, nutty
aroma earthy (cooked)


the pulses are split and hence, appear as little, yellow hemispheres

store them in a dry place in air-tight containers

what you can cook with it

A rich source of dietary fibre and micro-nutrients, matar daal can well be used as a great source of plant-based protein. You can use it as a base in stews and lentil soups or pair them with meat and vegetables.



botanical name Pisum sativum
origin West Bengal
processing dried, peeled and split


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