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Ghee from Medinipur

Ghee from Medinipur

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The nuttier of our two ghees is what is generally known as gawa ghee in Bengal. We have paired it in the most classic way: with a spoonful of khichuri.

For the popular sweet-snack, we selected the Bangalee gawa ghee from Medinipur, supremely nutty with just the right amount of caramel. We did not soak the goja, speckled with kalo jeere and fried in Medinipur Ghee, in the syrup; rather generously sprinkled with sugar featuring our ground cinnamon. 

about the ghee

Ghee from Medinipur is a darker variety of ghee, different from our Darjeeling ghee. While both of them are technically gawa (made from cow milk), the one from Medinipur is what would be traditionally defined as gawa ghee in Bengali households. It is nuttier and has more caramel notes than its counterpart from Kalimpong, owing to its longer heating time.


flavour nutty, maillard
aroma nutty, caramel
appearance This ghee is grainy and light to deep caramel in colour.


Once the jar is opened, keep the lid tightly on and store them away from moisture.
origin Medinipur, West Bengal

what you can cook with it

Pair it with steaming rice or pilaf and khichuri. You can also drizzle some over hot vegetable stews or meat dishes.

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