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Mohanshal is an indigenous rice variety that hails from the Barddhaman district of West Bengal, India. It is renowned for its unique characteristics and is primarily used as a parboiled rice. The name "Mohanshal" is derived from the combination of two words: "Mohan," which means enchanting or delightful, a probable nod to the slender grains, and "sal," which means rice.


about the rice

The parboiling process, which involves partially boiling the rice in the husk before milling, gives Mohanshal rice its characteristic yellowish colour. This process not only enhances the grain's nutritional value but also imparts a unique flavour and earthy aroma to the rice. The parboiled form of Mohanshal rice is known for its ability to absorb flavours and spices, making it an excellent carb choice for rich and flavorful dishes. Efforts are being made to conserve the genetic diversity of these traditional rice varieties and promote sustainable farming practices. By preserving these indigenous rice varieties, not only are we safeguarding our agricultural heritage, but we are also ensuring the availability of diverse and nutritious food options for future generations.


taste earthy



medium-grained, slender


absorption method
time 15-20 minutes

store it in a dark place, so that it does not attract moisture, and away from direct sunlight


what you can cook with

Pair it with flavoursome dishes of fish and other proteins along with lighter vegetable stews and braises. We like to have it with a simple lunch of bhaja, daal, sobji and maach’er jhol.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Barddhaman, West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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