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Muri from Gheus rice

Muri from Gheus rice

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This moshla muri gets a perfect partner in chingri malaikari; the point being muri or puffed rice can add a delicate crunch to almost anything, sorting your snack time.


about the muri

Traditionally prepared by hot sand frying, our puffed rice is made from Gheus that gives it a gentle bite and a subtle nuttiness. Chemical-free, muri is ideal for small hunger pangs and guilt-free munching.


flavour toasted
aroma slightly nutty
appearance our gheus muri is short and stubby with a dirty-white appearance


store them air-tight and in places away from moisture. If they turn limp, toast them up lightly in a gently hot wok or pan


what you can cook with it

You can toss them together with onions, chilli and mustard oil for a simple pick-me-up snack or use them to crust fish. Mixed with yogurt, honey and banana, muri is also a brilliant alternative to morning porridge.



origin West Bengal
processing hot sand frying
nutritional value gluten-free, low in glycemic index


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