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Muri from Gobindobhog

Muri from Gobindobhog

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We have kept it simple with this one. Paired with the all-time favourite snack telebhaja, Gobindobhog’er muri lends its characteristic crunch to this beguni; squeeze some lemon and chop some onions-green chilis and you are all set to have a great evening.


about the muri

Loosely translated as puffed rice, muri is traditionally made by hot sand-frying the rice grains. This one here is made from Gobindobhog, the legendary aromatic rice variety from Bengal that needs little introduction. The resulting muri is crunchy, moreish and makes for a great, light snack.


flavour popcorn
aroma toasted

Gobindobhog muri is small, roundish and slightly reddish in colour


store them air-tight and in places away from moisture. If they turn limp, toast them up lightly in a gently hot wok or pan


what you can cook with it

Muri is a snack item across the subcontinent. Depending on the region, one can pair it with a variety of savoury and sweet condiments or sauces and chutneys. We like to think muri as an alternative to regular cereal options and pair them variously for breakfast or a light evening snack.



origin West Bengal
processing hot sand frying
nutritional value gluten-free, low in glycemic index


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