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Muri from Hingche Lebu

Muri from Hingche Lebu

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Muri, also known as murmura, is a popular food item in various parts of South Asia, particularly in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is made from rice grains that are heated under high pressure, causing them to expand and puff up. 

about the muri

Loosely translated as puffed rice, muri is traditionally made by hot sand-frying.This one here is made from Hingche Lebu rice, an indigenous variety from Bankura that is generally used for muri production. The result is a light, crispy, and airy textured snackable pantry staple that serves as a key ingredient in many street foods and traditional recipes.

flavour popcorn
aroma toasted

Hingche lebu muri is stubby and roundish with smaller grains with a dirty white colour


store them air-tight and in places away from moisture. If they turn limp, toast them up lightly in a gently hot wok or pan


what you can cook with it

Muri is not only enjoyed as a standalone snack but also used as an ingredient in various recipes to add texture, crunch, and flavour. Its popularity stems from its ability to be customised according to personal taste preferences. Use it in Bhel Puri Muri with chopped vegetables, chutneys, spices, and other ingredients to create a delightful and flavorful snack, or in Jhal Muri mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, spices, mustard oil, and tamarind chutney. Jhal muri is a tangy and spicy snack that offers a burst of flavors.

origin West Bengal
processing hot sand frying
nutritional value gluten-free, low in glycemic index


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