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One of the best ways to pair Raniakanda is with fish.
We have paired it with some in-season ilish maach bhaja along with a red chili and eggplants fried in the same ilish oil. This beautiful table rice goes well with almost anything and can be consumed everyday.



Raniakanda is one of our folk rice varieties that along with Dudhersar is suitable as good table rice. The slender, medium grains cook to fluffy, light rice that is non-sticky. Harvested the traditional way, Raniakanda retains much of the micronutrients and is one of the salt-tolerant varieties of the region.


taste earthy



the uncooked grains are dirty-white in colour


absorption method
time 10-12 minutes

store it in a dark place, so that it does not attract moisture, and away from direct sunlight


what you can cook with

Raniakanda can well substitute your regular table rice. Pair it with any curries or vegetables: we like it the best with fish, though.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin North 24-Parganas, West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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